Thursday, February 12, 2009

Setting Ruby/Watir Environment - Chapter 14

  1. Have all but 5 watir/unittests passing when I run the watir tests individually. See posting # TBD.
  2. Have 3 issues ( when I run watir/unittests/core_tests.rb (2 watir and 1 commonwatir). I would appreciate it if someone would help me by providing a pointer for the "NoMethodError: undefined method" issue. I am guessing it is an environment variable issue, probably PATH, RUBYLIB, GEM_LIB, or LOAD_PATH. I checked the wiki and did not find anything about environment variables. I found lots of articles which searching, but nothing that was helpful. I can run all but one of the commonwatir/unittests successfully individually, but not from within core_tests.rb.
  3. Answer: To run the unit tests, you need to checkout from the root of the repository, just below trunk. You are checking out the code from the wrong path. (BTW, we've moved to GIT this week, but you should still be able to do what you are trying to do here using SVN.)

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