Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chapter 52: Watir-Webdriver Journey.

Testing on Different Platforms (TEST ONLY)
  • Set up Test Env.
  1. Ran the following to set up my WatirSpec test environment.
  • git clone git://
  • cd watir-webdriver/
  • git submodule init
  • git submodule update
  1. Then ran "rake --trace" and got this:
  • $ rake --trace
  • (in C:/Documents and Settings/jasnow/gitlocalrepo/watir-webdriver)
  • ** Invoke default (first_time)
  • ** Invoke spec (first_time)
  • ** Invoke check_dependencies (first_time)
  • ** Execute check_dependencies
  • Missing some dependencies. Install them with the following commands:
  • gem install webidl --version ">= 0"
  • Run the specified gem commands before trying to run this again: /cygdrive/c/deepdiv
  • e/InstantRails-2.0-win/ruby/bin/rake
  1. So I ran this: 'gem install webidl --version ">= 0"'
  2. and then "rake" to run the tests. Here is the results:
  3. It finished in 128.062 seconds with 807 examples, 59 failures.
  4. Going to study the pre-reqs for original Watir Unit Tests.
  5. Try turning off Pop-Up Blocker on Firefox by going to Tools/Options/Content and unclick on "Block Pop-up Windows".
  6. Then I tried going into watirspec directory and running "git checkout watir2" to move to branch, but got the same number of failures. So I printed out the Rakefile and the output and will study them.
  7. After studying, I undid step 5 above (Pop-Up Blocker) since it did not have an effect. Step 6 (watir2 checkout) did not have an effect either.
  8. QUESTION: Any other pre-reqs?

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