Monday, February 15, 2010

Chapter 54: Watir-Webdriver Journey

Decide to move "DONE" section from wiki page to this blog so here it is.

DONE:Now on the Journey
  1. After playing isolating the filefield_spec.rb spec and getting it to run separately, I decide that the best use of my time was to see if I could get watirspec to run against IE.
  2. I grep'ed for firefox and found that all I needed to do was set a environment variable, WATIR_WEBDRIVER_BROWSER to either "ie" or "chrome" (not comma!!!).
  3. I first set the env variable to chrome and got 803 of 807 failures in 27.437 seconds, so I went over to "ie" and ran it and got 151 of 807 in 469.372 seconds (both on Vista/64).
  4. I will try configuration changes and rerun them. Found this reference regarding running Watir Unit Tests so I installed activesupport (2.3.5) and found that I already had user-choices ( Also checked that that active content suggestion was checked under Advanced/ Security setting. Also checked that all new windows open as windows (not tabs) was set.
  5. Also will try to run tests under Administrator window and still got 153 of 807 in 446.004 seconds. Also got a dialog popup when test suite tried to open a file. Here is the results:
  6. Also use this to debug:
  7. Tried watir unit tests and got error too. After some study, found a not on "Run Unit Tests" that unit tests were broken with R1.6 watir gem, so stopped.

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