Friday, February 26, 2010

Chapter 57: Watir-Webdriver Journey

Letter Asking for Status of Safari Driver for selenium-webdriver

  1. Is anyone working on the "safari" port of watir-webdriver/selenium-webdriver?
  2. If I set WATIR_WEBDRIVER_BROWSER to "safari" and use ":safari", I get "unknown driver".
  3. Before I start peeling the onion (a fork), I would like to ensure that no one is working on the safari port.
  4. FYI: Here is my recent work at Chapters 51-56 of my blog:
  5. My previous research appears that "safari" port work completely be isolated inside selenium-webdriver.
  6. Found this:
  7. --
  8. --
  9. Also know about safariwatir and can maybe merge this with the selenium-webdriver code, but this is onlyfor Apple (Applescript/not PC), so still pondering.

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