Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chapter 59: Creating Ruby-based Safari Driver for Selenium-webdriver

My Letter to the Watir/Selenium Communities:

For the past several weeks, I have been working with the new version
of Watir (watir-webdriver). I have documented my journey on my wiki
and one of my blogs (Chapters 51-58, see last one for current summary).

Now it is time to check in and verify what other people have been doing
in this area (especially with the safari driver for watir-webdriver) and
see if other people would like to help to create a "branch" (fork)
for this work.

I will update my blog with the responses and post to
the wtr-development and webdriver e-groups.

Thanks in advance,
Al Snow
Google Talk: jasnow1
Twitter: jasnow

PS. Remember to include :
Twitter: @safariwatir
IRC: #watir
Three main developers: Jari, Simon, Tom

Here is where I will post the responses/reactions.

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