Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chapter 16: Watir on Newer Releases + Non-Windows

Watir on Newer Releases or Non-Windows
Cygwin GIT Auto Completion
Using Cygwin with GIT
FireWatir and unicode IDs/input, etc... Works with Watir/IE...‏
For anyone interested, I did get this to work after all - I needed to
add these two lines to my spec_helper.rb (or whatever setup file you
may be using):

$KCODE = "u"
WIN32OLE.codepage = WIN32OLE::CP_UTF8

Firefox then works with Japanese, German, etc - though some things are
a bit more limited than IE still. For example, you can do this in IE:

@browser.button(:value, "続行").click

But this won't work with non-English characters in FF... But unicode
strings in most other places do work, e.g.:

@browser.button(:id, "continue").value.should == "続行"

will pass... Selecting items from lists, etc is also working

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