Saturday, February 7, 2009

Setting Ruby/Watir Environment - Chapter 7

  1. Found that AutoIt was not register, so I googled for help and found this: Watir will do this automatically IF run with administrator rights. The OP's problem is probably due to the fact that they are running Watir under a user that does not have administrator privileges.
  2. So I logged off of my regular login and logged into my administrator login.
  3. Ran it and got the same results: 395, 1680, 4, 48.
  4. So I installed AutoIt 3.3.0 and reran all_tests.rb and got this error message: WIN32OLERuntimeError: failed to create WIN32OLE object from `AutoItX3.Control'
    HRESULT error code:0x80040154
    Class not registered
  5. So next, how to register AutoIt. To register, type this (regsvr32 AutoItX3.dll /c /) in cmd window. To unregister, type this (regsvr32 AutoItX3.dll /c /s /u) in cmd window.

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