Saturday, February 7, 2009

Setting Ruby/Watir Environment - Chapter 8

  1. Found that AutoIt was not register, so I googled for help and found this: Watir will do this automatically If run with administrator rights. The OP's problem is probably due to the fact that they are running Watir under a user that does not have administrator privileges.
  2. Note that I had to manually click on 3 dialogs.
  3. Registered AutoItX3 tool (regsvr32 AutoItX3.dll /c /s). Add "/u" to un-register the tool.
  4. Also found that commonwatir/unittests/options.yml had not been created so I created it.
  5. Decided to separate the good and bad tests into two sets so created a list of tests and ran it. Then moved bad tests (non-zero failures or errors) and reran it. Found more bad tests so moved them to bad list and ran it again.
  6. The next two blog posts will be the "good" (clean) and "bad" test lists

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